Who we are?

Scientium Analyze Solutions is a game changer for the users by providing a quick and creative approach to test and analyze the samples. We are the magician of materials which includes the testing of Metals, Ceramics, Polymers; Glass based, and the processed materials. We have a noble approach for analyzing the samples by embodied the team of various academic and scientific experts. Our team players are the key factor in the user’s expectation that provides the unquestionable solutions for them.

What we deliver/Offer?

We deliver faster and cost-effective product optimization for next-generation materials processes. We are commercially focused on ensuring the commercial scalability. We are offering the facility in the field of:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Ceramic
  • Construction
  • Field and material testing
  • Healthcare
  • Nuclear
  • Power generation
  • Paper and board
  • Products and components
  • Research & Development
  • Solar Applications
  • Soils and aggregate
  • Textiles

Why you choose us?

Scientium Analyze Solutions understand its patron's requirement. Our user's fidelity upon us is the thing; we care for most. You can choose us since:


Our up to stamp quality of testing and analyzing of the sample make us distinctive among the crowd. You can trust about the quality of the testing and analysis that we deliver.

Faster Service:

We know the value of time in research that’s why we convey the all process within a short span of time with quality mark results first.

A Team of expert:

Scientium Analyze Solutions have key members that are highly qualified experts in the materials characterization and analysis. They are involved from the various academics and research fields and have hands-on experience that makes them prominent in their fields.


What we do, is completely confidential in light of users perspective.

Cost effective:

The services provided by the Scientium Analyze Solutions are less expensive, and cost-effective solutions compare to available materials consultancy labs.