Target Materials

Sputtering Target Materials:


SAS is supplying a wide variety of high purity, quality control customized sputtering target at the best price for vacuum sputter coating. These are available for both metals and alloys.

Pure metal and alloy sputtering target:

Al: Aluminium Target Mo: Molybdenum Target Fe: Iron Target Ti: Titanium Target
B: Boron Target Nb: Niobium Target Gd: Gadolinium Target V: Vanadium Target
Bi: Bismuth Target Ni: Nickel Target Hf: Hafnium Target W: Tungsten Target
Co: Cobalt Target Sb: Antimony Target In: Indium Target Y: Yttrium Target
Cr: Chromium Target Sn: Tin Target Mg: Magnesium Target Zr: Zirconium Target
Cu: Copper Target Sr: Strontium Target Mn: Manganese Target Au: Gold Target
Er: Erbium Target Ta: Tantalum Target Zn: Zink Target

Other compound sputtering targets:

SiC: Silicon carbide Target AL2O3: Aluminium oxide target
AlN: Aluminium nitride Target TiB2: Titanium diboride Target
B4C: Boron carbide Target TiN: Titanium nitride Target
Bi2FeCrO6 Target WC: Tungsten carbide Target
BiFeO3 Target WC-12Co Target
BiMnO3 Target YMnO3 Target
In2O3: Indium oxide Target ZnO(95)Al2O3(5)wt%
ITO Target: In2O3(90)SnO2(10)wt% ZnO(99.5)Al2O3(0.5)wt%
MoS2: Molybdenum disulfide Target ZnO: Zinc oxide Target